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Masonry Cleaning and Sealing Lancaster PA

Brick, stone, pavers, concrete; we do it all!

Decks Etc. offers beautiful long lasting protection for driveways, sidewalks, patios, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, garage floors, basement floors and walls, brick, pavers, natural and artificial stone, swimming pools, ponds and concrete.

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Masonry Cleaning

Decks Etc uses an industrial size power washer capable of producing hot water for more effective cleaning. Along with hot water Decks Etc has several professional cleaners that will do the best job possible at cleaning your masonry. We also are able to bring up to 500 gallons of water to the site.


Masonry Sealing:

Masonry deteriorates as nature’s elements slowly take their toll. The effects of water penetration and freeze and thaw cycles can be minimized or eliminated by applying a quality sealer to the masonry. Decks Etc Power Washing uses a 20 year sealer that is clear and does not make the surface slippery. With an extensive line of sealers each individually designed for specific applications, Decks Etc will insure that you are getting a long lasting sealer for your specific type of masonry. The sealers may also be tinted upon request.

Decks Etc Power Washing uses V-Seal masonry sealers. V-Seal has been producing the very best masonry sealers since 1988 and currently offers several 20 year sealers.