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Deck Sealing and Exterior Wood Restoration in Lancaster PA

Serving Lancaster and York PA

For deck sealing in Lancaster and the surrounding areas, you can depend on the experience and expertise at Decks Etc. Powerwashing. Decks Etc. assesses each exterior wood project to determine the best approach in restoring your structure. Utilizing a comprehensive three step process, Decks Etc. ensures that your project is given the attention needed to provide you with years of worry free protection and beauty. Only the best cleaners, chemicals and sealers will be used for your project.

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Step 1: Treat and Powerwash

If the structure has a previous sealer/stain on the wood then it must be removed unless the same stain (brand and color) is applied. If the stain is not removed not only will there be color variations and a non-uniform coating but also stains can have a chemical reaction to one another resulting in the new stain failing prematurely. Decks Etc. will treat the wood with a stripping agent and then powerwash it to remove the existing sealer along with dirt, algae, mildew etc.

Structures without an existing stain/ sealer will be treated with a specialized wood cleaner and powerwashed to remove grayed surface fibers, dirt, mildew etc. We do pressure washing for other parts of your property as well.


Step 2: Preparation

Screws and nails are recessed in to the wood. Next a brightening agent is used to lighten the color of the wood and neutralize the PH levels so that the wood will better accept the new sealer/stain. As a result the sealer/stain can penetrate better in to the wood, the color will remain uniform, and the stain will protect your wood for the maximum amount of time. Log homes and wood siding homes will be sanded down with Belt sanders and the Osbourne Brush to de-felt the wood. Deck Floor boards and railing will be spot sanded to minimize fuzzing of the wood. Deck boards can be flipped or replaced and more extensive sanding of the deck is available at an additional cost if needed.


Step 3: Seal/Stain

Once the wood has sufficiently dried (at least 24 hrs. of no rain) the next step is to stain and seal the wood. All vegetation around the exterior wood and anything else that may come in contact with the stain during this process is protected. The exterior wood is then sprayed and back-brushed or rolled and brushed. This process allows the stain to be manually worked in to the wood pores resulting in maximum protection. Decks Etc. uses contractor grade sealers which generally lasts 2-4 years on horizontal surfaces and 3-5 years on vertical surfaces. Life expectancy of ANY sealer is dependent on the wood’s exposure to the elements.


Wood Deterioration Process

The sun, precipitation and temperature fluctuations begin damaging wood fibers immediately. Moisture from morning dew, snow and rain cause wood to soften and swell. The sun dries and hardens the wood causing it to shrink and contract. These daily cycles of expanding and contracting cause wood to crack, split, warp and check. This premature deterioration is not only unsightly, but can lead to expensive repairs.